Cyprus Permanent Residency

Invest 300,000 € and permanent residence permit will be granted to you, your family, and your parents within just 2 months

Cyprus permanent residence permit

  • Right to live in Cyprus indefinitely
  • Simplified visa procedure to EU countries
  • Possibility to obtain Cyprus citizenship via naturalization after 7 years
  • Only need to visit Cyprus once every two years
  • Free travel within EU after Cyprus joins the Schengen Area
Do you want to
live, study, and work in any EU country?

Procedure to obtain Cyprus permanent residency

Purchase a brand-new property in Cyprus with market value of 300,000 €

Confirm a secured annual income from abroad of at least 30,000 €

Maintain a fixed deposit in a Cyprus bank of at least 30,000 € for three consecutive years

Permanent residence permit for the whole family, including parents and adult children, without purchasing additional real estate

Granted within 2 months

Investment is returnable

Obtaining Cyprus permanent residency

Take a look at main differences between the Cyprus permanent residency program and other popular options.
State duty
500 €
30 000 €
up to 1000 €
Must reside in the country after getting residence permit
Every 2 years
Not less than 183 days a year
Property investment amount
300 000 €
320 000 €
500 000 €
Possibility to obtain citizenship
After 7 years
After 10 years
Permanent residency for family members
Spouse, children, and parents (both sides)
Spouse, children, and parents (both sides)
Spouse, children, and parents
Minimum length of stay in country before submitting application
Not required
Not required
5 years
A reliable partner for managing your Cyprus property. Legal support in the process of obtaining the EU citizenship
Managing Cyprus real estate is our core business so we are highly interested in helping you find and purchase investment properties with high rental potential.

Frequently asked questions

Is VAT included in the 300,000 € minimum investment?
No, the investment property's minimum value must be at least 300,000 € without the VAT.
Can I submit the permanent residence application before paying for my purchase in full?
Before applying, at least 200,000 € of the purchase price must be paid (without the VAT).
Can my common-law wife/husband obtain permanent residency under the same application or is only an official marriage recognized by the Cyprus government for this purpose?
If Investor's marriage has not been registered, he/she can simply register the marriage locally in Cyprus or get married in the church. In both cases a certificate of marriage is granted which is recognized by the government enabling the Investor to proceed with the application which also includes his/her spouse.
Are holders of permanent residence permit granted the right to work in Cyprus?
No, individuals holding a permanent residence permit are not permitted to work in Cyprus.
Are holders of permanent residence permit granted the right to travel to other EU countries?
Visiting Schengen Area countries still requires a visa. As a rule, such visas are granted quickly and effortlessly.
A reliable partner for managing your Cyprus property. We facilitate the process of obtaining the Cypriot citizenship.
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