Cyprus Passport

Invest 2 mln € and obtain citizenship for your family within 6 months

Cyprus passport advantages

  • European Union citizenship
  • The right to live, study and work in any EU country, including the UK even after Brexit
  • Visa-free access to more than 150 countries, including every Schengen Area state, the UK, Australia and Canada
  • Legal dual citizenship
  • Reasonable taxation
Do you plan to reside
in Cyprus only?

Simple procedure

The whole process takes 6 months

No requirement to live in Cyprus before, after or during the process of obtaining the passport

No language or history exam

Option to sell most of the property after 3 years

Opportunity for family members to obtain citizenship

100% transparent procedure

Cyprus passport programme

Take a look at main differences between the Cyprus passport programme and other popular options.
Requirement to reside in the country
10 years
Language and history exam
Non-repayable contribution to the state
650 000 €
Opportunity for family members to obtain citizenship
Additional fee
Separate procedure
Dual citizenship
Not allowed
Right to work in the country before the passport is granted

Investment options

investment option
Purchase a single residential
property valued at 2 mln € or more
Quite often, a company facilitating the process of obtaining EU passport through investment is interested in the client purchasing a single high-value property as part of the process. This makes the facilitator's job easy. However, the 2 mln € investment property usually becomes a hard-to-sell asset and renting it out is no easy task, either. As the result, the invested funds are frozen for an indefinite period of time.
  • Single high-end property
  • Low demand makes renting out impractical
  • Selling at buy price is virtually impossible
  • According to the Cyprus passport by investment programme, you must maintain a property with a value of at least 500,000 € for life. Before selling your high-value property, which is allowed after 3 years, you would need to buy a smaller one first.
investment option
Purchase 6-10 residential
properties with total value of 2 mln €
15 лет опыта управления недвижимостью на Кипре компания S.Polivar Management разработала наиболее эффективный вариант инвестиций. Мы подбираем 6-10 более доступных объектов на общую сумму 2 миллиона евро. Это, с одной стороны, позволяет получить гражданство ЕС, с другой – эффективно управлять своей недвижимостью, получая ежегодно дивиденды до 10% от суммы инвестирования.
  • Several residential properties in the mid-price segment
  • High potential rental income
  • High resale value
  • After 3 years you are eligible to sell your investment properties with the exception of property/properties with market value of 500,000 € which must remain in your lifelong ownership.
  • We professionally manage your Cyprus properties to ensure maximum profitability
A reliable partner for managing your Cyprus property. Legal support in the process of obtaining the EU citizenship
Managing Cyprus real estate is our core business so we are highly interested in helping you find and purchase investment properties with high rental potential.

Frequently asked questions

Can citizenship be granted to parents of the Investor's spouse under the single programme application?
No, a single investment application only provides for Investor's parents obtaining citizenship. For this, additional property must be purchased (valued at least 500,000 €).
What tax burdens are imposed on me as a new Cypriot citizen?

After your citizenship is granted, you have the option of becoming a Cyprus tax resident or continue to pay taxes in your home country. Besides, if you are a foreigner granted a Cypriot passport under this investment programme, you are eligible to become a "non-domiciled resident". This means:

  • 0% tax on dividends, rental income, stocks/security sales, inheritance – regardless of whether income source is within or outside Cyprus
  • 0% tax on capital gains from the sale of real estate outside of Cyprus
  • Only Income Tax Law taxation applies – no Special Defense Contribution (SDC) tax is paid
  • 50% income tax exemption that applies to remuneration from Cyprus employment, if such income exceeds 100,000 € per year. This exemption is in effect for 10 years after your Cypriot citizenship is granted.
Can my common-law wife/husband obtain citizenship under the same application or is only an official marriage recognized by the Cyprus government for this purpose?
If Investor's marriage has not been registered, he/she can simply register the marriage locally in Cyprus or get married in the church. In both cases a certificate of marriage is granted which is recognized by the government enabling the Investor to proceed with the application which also includes his/her spouse.
Does the passport obtained through the investment programme differ in any way from other Cypriot passports held by the country's citizens (nationals)?
There is no difference. The Investor is granted a Cypriot passport with all associated rights and freedoms as any other citizen (national) of Cyprus.
I own real estate in Cyprus already. Does it count towards the 2 mln € requirement?
Yes. The cumulative investment value must be over 2 mln € and the property you currently own will count towards this number.
A reliable partner for managing your Cyprus property. We facilitate the process of obtaining the Cypriot citizenship.
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